Tinted Carbon Fibre By Q Full Car Pack

Tinted Carbon Fibre By Q Full Car Pack

PART NO: CD33-78-10070

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An imposing sense of purpose. A striking aesthetic statement. Structurally, carbon fibre is superior to all known metallic structures in its durability and fatigue resistance. Visually, it is refined to accentuate the beautiful lines of our cars – either dramatically contrasting with existing colour schemes, or blending in as the subtlest of enhancements. Available for any replaceable carbon fibre part, these stunning accessories can transform your Aston Martin into the pinnacle of personal expression. this is a Full Car Pack in Twil Red and the kit contains:

Splitter – Red

Diffuser - Red

Side Blade LH - Red

Side Blade RH - Red

Mirror Foot LH - Red

Mirror Foot RH - Red

Mirror Cap LH - Red

Mirror Cap RH - Red

Door Strake LH - Red

Door Strake RH - Red

Fender Strake LH - Red

Fender Strake RH - Red

Exterior Door Handle Kit - Red

Paddle Shift Assembly - Red

Facia & Nav Lid - Twill

The parts in this kit can be sold separately, please contact us for details.