Carbon Fibre Interior Kit (less Cabin Braces) V12 Vantage S Roadster

Carbon Fibre Interior Kit (less Cabin Braces) V12 Vantage S Roadster


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Brand new and exciting range of interior carbon fibre products designed by Aston Martin's world renowned design team these contemporary pieces of hand-laid carbon fibre will give the interior of the car the ultimate styling edge.

This kit comprises the following components

  • Tread plates1 - to underline the racing pedigree of your Aston Martin from the moment you enter the interior, carbon fibre tread plates are designed as an easy fitting and sporty replacement for the standard alloy parts
  • V12 Engine Valley Brace (from 13MY onwards) -spanning the valley between the V12 engine’s manifolds, this carbon fibre brace is a stunning focal point under the bonnet. While lighter weight, it maintains all the strength of the alloy item it replaces
  • Door Caps - running along the top of each door, carbon fibre cappings give a race-inspired detail that is not only very durable, but also highly visible.
  • Instrument Surround - available for all Aston Martin models aside from Vanquish, the sculptured carbon fibre instrument surround gives an even sportier frame to the precision dials.
  • Handbrake Grip - a tactile addition that catches the eye every time the driver’s door is opened, the carbon fibre handbrake grip is a simple yet highly effective way to enhance your interior

1 Only sill plaques without fitment holes can be fitted with the tread plates