Suspension & Brake Upgrade Kit - S Pack

Suspension & Brake Upgrade Kit - S Pack


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The V12 Vanquish Sports Dynamic pack has been especially designed to create a more overtly sporting ride and handling set up. It achieves this through changes to the chassis, braking system and wheels.

Suspension design

Central to the package is a redesigned front suspension that, together with stiffer springs, revised dampers and shorter steering arms, delivers a more �sporting� ride and handling balance with improved body control and enhanced steering response.


Larger diameter front discs, featuring a unique groove pattern and fitted with six piston calipers, deliver improved cooling and enhanced resistance to fade. The rear discs are thicker in order to help heat dissipation and give better fade resistance. Both front and rear discs are mounted on a patented floating mechanism designed to maintain consistent pedal feel, particularly under sustained heavy braking. The brake pads use competition-derived friction material tuned to the disc and caliper to provide enhanced performance and stability under repeated high loads.

In tandem, the brake pedal has also been revised with reduced travel to give improved feedback.


The final touch are the unique to the sports dynamics pack 19" forged alloy 11-spoke road wheels. Only available combined with this pack they are up to 30 per cent lighter than standard wheels. This reduction in unsprung weight greatly enhances steering feel.

Model compatibility

The Sports Dynamic pack can be fitted to V12 Vanquish models dating from 2000 to 2004.