DB9 Power Upgrade Plus

PART NO: DG43-35-11478

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This exciting dealer fit option offers current DB9 customers the opportunity to update their DB9, with a power uplift of 30bhp, taking power levels from 510bhp to 540bhp.

The DB9 Power Upgrade is available in two different packs. Further information on these have been detailed below:

DB9 Power Upgrade +  Contains software for 30bhp power upgrade combined with a sports muffler, producing an aggressive sports sound note, coupled with dark ceramic exhaust tip finishers for an added sporting edge

 Model Applicability
Available for all automatic DB9 models from 13MY to 15MY inclusive.  

Market Applicability
The DB9 Power Upgrade is available in all markets, with power and emissions levels taken to the same as the DB9 GT.