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R-Reforged DBX Wheel


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Increase the spirit of adventure with R-Reforged’s Limited Edition 23” Forged Aluminium Diamond Turned Wheel Pack for the Aston Martin DBX Dynamic design To create a high performance wheel that would add to the Aston Martin DBX’s accomplished dynamics, R-Reforged collaborated with specialist wheel manufacturer APP-Tech.

Trusted for some of the most demanding wheel applications, including F1, endurance racing as well as hyper cars, its forged wheel technology enables the production of intricate, lightweight wheels that, in the case of the DBX, are 4.5kg lighter than the standard and smaller 22” wheel. Specification Front: 10J x 23” ET46 Rear: 11.5J x 23” ET46 Recommended tyres: Pirelli P Zero Front: 285/35/23, Rear: 325/30/23 Compatible with Aston Martin TPMS